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The SeaDoo GTX first hit the market in 1992 and has been in production for the past three decades, thanks to numerous upgrades. We’re drilling into the details of the 2022 SeaDoo GTX model. 

Capabilities & Dimensions

The 2022 Sea-Doo GTX Limited is built on the latest and largest available Sea-Doo platform. Its hull consists of fiberglass with industry-standard stability.

The Sea-Doo GTX Limited has a length of 135.9 inches, a width of 49.9 inches, and a height of 44.8 inches. Its dry weight is 849 pounds crowing its stable body that can accommodate three passengers.

Another fantastic feature of the Sea-Doo GTX is the 18.5 gallons fuel capacity that carries sufficient fuel to stay longer in the waters. This model’s front storage compartment is smaller but more usable, thanks to its easy access and innovative design.

The GTX 300 allows you to access the front storage directly, unlike other jet skis, which have storage bins. This storage feature is a game-changer because you no longer need to get off your seat to access the front storage.

The Ride

The SeaDoo GTX Limited boasts the most comprehensive features in the SeaDoo personal watercraft series. This three-sitter Jet Ski is equipped with a functional Garmin GPS unit fitted neatly on top of the glove box.

The Bombardier manufactured GTX is a flagship personal watercraft designed for your family’s fun. The GTX Limited is a top choice if you’re searching for a watercraft that can carry your family and offer enough grunts for fun.

Do you get excited driving a personal watercraft in rapid waves? The SeaDoo GTX delivers a unique experience, thanks to the smooth feeling of resting on top of the swell and riding to the bottom of the massive trough. The GTX has an extra 331 cm hull length providing sufficient space for fun during riding sprees.


The GTX has a 215hp supercharged Rotax 4-TEC, which can achieve a top speed of 100kph. Its engine has an enclosed loop cooling system to prevent saline water from coming into contact with it.

Enjoy a comfortable and high sitting position, thanks to the heavily-padded seat that supports your back. The seat also has widened handlebars with clear and easy-to-read instrumentation, even for beginners.

The manufacturer equipped the SeaDoo to craft extra features to simplify the process of controlling the craft for different riders. These features include the Learning Key System and the revolutionary Off-Power Assisted Steering system.

OPAS system drops two rudders to assist your steering during off-throttle and off-power situations by providing more maneuverability. On the other hand, the Learning Key System is pre-programmed to limit rpm automatically to maintain a top speed of about 35mph. This feature is perfect if you want to keep pace with those you are with.

The SeaDoo GTX opens unlimited opportunities for you, your friends, and family to have fun on the water.