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Rent a Pontoon Boat

The new generation of Party Barge Pontoon Boats has replaced the hype associated with traditional canal cruisers. Pontoon boats such as the 22ft Party Barge are vast entertainers, tasteful, and excellent cruise machines for a family boating day.

Pontoon Boat & Family Fun

Are you planning for a family day of boating? Webb’s Rentals pontoon boat will help you get to the best spots off the beach.

The 22ft Party Barge Pontoon Boat utilizes the 22’ 1” by 8’ 6” deck to ensure you and your guests enjoy tons of convenience and comfort on the water. This pontoon boat boasts spacious lounges and an elaborate seat storage system. You can hold events such as a birthday, family get-togethers, or celebrate your anniversary offshore on a peaceful afternoon with prices beginning from $500 for half a day.

Key Features $ Performance

The Party Barge Pontoon Boat has features that redefine comfort, peace of mind, and convenience. They include;

  • NMMA® certified
  • 10-inch Bimini top-powered shade
  • Ample storage
  • 22-inch diameter multichambered logs
  • Navigation light
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Non-skid quality flooring
  • Mooring eye
  • In-ward swinging nylon gate latches completed with durable hinges
  • Factory-matched aluminum propeller
  • Molded console featuring sufficient storage space and a Bluetooth and MP3 enabled stereo system

The features mentioned are only a handful of what the Party Barge Pontoon Boat offers. Cruise through channels and enjoy the sight as the boat hits the rolling waves without interfering with its performance. Each pontoon is equipped with robust wave deflectors to maintain the boat’s stability when cruising through aggressive waves. The deflectors push away sprays of waves and enhance buoyance at the bow.

Boat Design & Layout

The Party Barge Pontoon Boat is designed to accommodate ten people making it ideal for your family. Passengers can access various seating options distributed strategically around the boat, providing everything you and nine other passengers need to make memories.

The boat has interior lighting besides the Bimini top to keep your party going at night. You have an avenue to the world of limitless opportunities whatever time you choose to hold your party. The Stow More storage has seat-back compartments that you and your crew can access even when sitting.

The Helm Console

Party Barge Pontoon Boat’s helm features everything an offshore boat should have. These features include a padded captain’s chair, folding arms, and swivels. It has an ergonomic throttle and race-style wheel steering with cup holders on both sides of the helm. The cooler provides more storage underneath. Carry sufficient drinks to last you for the rest of the day.

Your family needs a boat that accommodates them while providing sufficient space for fun. The Party Barge Pontoon Boat is the best boat for a family day boating outing. And it’s available for rent at affordable prices.